Piano Safari Music Alphabet Cards

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The Piano Safari Music Alphabet Cards are designed for use at the beginning of study to aid students in learning the Music Alphabet and corresponding notes on the keyboard. Four sets of cards in four different colors are included to facilitate use in private lessons and group classes.

Suggestions for use:

  • Shuffle the cards, and ask the student to put them in alphabetical order: A B C D E F G. The student then chants the letters in order and plays the corresponding notes on the keyboard from low to high.
  • The teacher holds the cards with letters facing away from the student. The student draws a card and plays all the notes of that letter on the piano. For example, if an F is drawn, the student plays all the F’s on the piano. Repeat with the other cards.
  • The teacher places three letters on the music rack, such as “B E D.” The student plays those letters on the piano in order, “B E D.” The letters can either spell a word or be random.
  • At a later stage, the student draws a card from the teacher’s hand and writes all of that letter on the staff. For example, if an E is drawn, the student would write all the E’s on the staff.

Product information: 35 Cards