Piano Safari Note Name Cards

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The Piano Safari Note Name Cards cover a four octave range from Low C to High C. They are designed to help students instantly recognize notes on the staff. Three suggested methods of introduction are included. This product may be used as a stand alone supplement for any piano method.

Although we believe that intervallic reading is the primary way students should learn to read music, a secure and instantaneous recognition of every note on the staff is also imperative. The Piano Safari Note Name Cards may be assigned at the beginning of Piano Safari Level 2 when this concept is introduced, or you may opt to begin the process earlier, during Piano Safari Level 1.

The Piano Safari Note Name Cards are ordered from low C to high C. However, this is not a practical order to introduce the cards to students. Therefore, three possible Introduction Approaches are provided. A card for each Introduction Approach is included for the teacher to track the student’s progress.

Product information: 77 Cards